Monday, 4 February 2013

I always give my clients more than just an attractive layout

I was at the International Spring Fair in Birmingham yesterday, and as part of what was going on decided to listen to a seminar on better communicating your business online. And yes, it seems that writing a blog, bringing attention to your business, is now an unavoidable part of how businesses develop a credible profile for themselves.

Now, I'm not particularly good at writing these things. I'm a designer, I paint and draw a lot. But I'm a good designer and my favourite kind of design – graphic design, looks best when fresh and exciting new artwork has been produced especially for it, making a project unique and a hopefully memorable piece of work.

It's this passion I bring to my clients when they ask me for something new. If there is a strong brand in place I wouldn't want to fight against it, but by being sensitive to what has gone before there are always ways of working with the brand to create a special new something which will compliment and enhance the work gone before it.

I always try to give my clients more than just an attractive layout and try to encourage them to come on the design journey with me.

It's the thing I find most interesting in my work – working with clients on their journey through our process. Their job doesn't necessarily include design or communications on a day-to-day basis, so a design project, working with a designer, may be a little daunting. But by working together we achieve the best results – out of both having a thorough understanding of the business and a creative point of view that can produce the unexpected that make projects both successful and fun to be involved in.

Now for the all important call to action – as mentioned in my recently attended seminar. If you would like to work with a fun and creative designer on a project that may well produce an unexpected and successful result please visit – for a look see and contact me. My name's Raymond Patmore.

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