Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Do you think using Stock Photography is the best way to promote your business?

As a designer I am very able to produce compelling design on a shoe-string. Among the biggest challenges though is to design memorable messages with a limited budget for imagery. Often I'm encouraged to use stock photos provided by the client to help communicate the sometimes complex ideas the business wants to put across. But rarely do stock images compliment and reinforce the message. At best, like a whisper, the images hint at what the story is getting at but only ends up diluting and muddying the message – making for a whimsical and not at all memorable piece of marketing.

Of course there are tricks that can be employed in using non specific imagery – the images can be colour-cast to the clients corporate colours to make them appear 'on brand'. Close-ups or an interesting crop will also make the images appear more interesting. But non specific imagery is never going to carry the clout of a good marketing idea – a well thought out image that 'nails' the message and that is executed in a way that makes it obvious that it comes from and belongs to you.

So I suppose I'm advocating the need to consider creating new imagery when you're next putting together a design and marketing project. It's an investment because new photography, illustration, model making etc isn't inexpensive. But what you'll end up with is a folio of images that are specific to your business, unique and that you own. It's about being in control and having a strong and passionate feeling how your business is perceived by your customers and how your business stands up against your competition.

Designers love having ideas – the more fanciful the better – it makes the process fun and you never know where things will lead. Good communication, especially now, where standing out and appearing different is even more necessary and demands that you shouldn't settle on using less than cool images to sell your story.

Designers are often multi-talented – trust them to at least engage with you in a conversation about the creation of new and interesting imagery for your next project. And if you'd like to discuss this further email Raymond Patmore at or contact through the website:


  1. As I know you and your work I have seen how having the right image as part of the overall design makes for the most impact full result. But commissioned photography? when now a days everyone and his brother has at least several digital cameras build into their phones or tablets.. or maybe their fridge. Is it not worth having a go a taking your own photos or asking the enthusiasts in the office to have a go. Having said that I have seen the results of professional photography, and it is impressive.. but is it necessary when it is all so subjective.

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